Poll: How To Handle Center Field

Posted on by Kerel Cooper

Let me know your thoughts on how the Mets should handle Center Field while Carlos Beltran is out.

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5 Responses to Poll: How To Handle Center Field

  1. I would try to trade for David DeJesus, you could probably steal him from Dayton Moore who is an awful GM. Let him play CF until Carlos returns and then shift him to RF (by then Francoeur will probably have an OBP below .300 and people will be wondering why hes starting anyway).

    • kerelcooper says:

      The more I think about this I'm very concerned that Beltran might by out for much longer than expected. I don't have any concrete evidence to back this up but look at all the injuries last year. Nothing was diagnosed properly and everyone who was injured was out much longer than expected. If he's out long term, that's going to be a huge issue.

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  4. Ronald fromCresskill says:

    Eric Byrnes, that's a name that I haven't heard and the guy was a stand out a few years ago. Last season was another failure for him, but he is a quick player (and could be cheap) and may be a nice alternative with some decent upside. He's quick and I believe has stole upward of 40 before. I'd love to get him (again if the money owed isn't great).

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