Links: Beltran Responds, Mike Pelfrey & David Wright

Posted on by Kerel Cooper

Happy Friday. Here are a few links to get your day going.

-Unless you’ve been living under a rock the last few days, you know that Carlos Beltran had surgery on his knee and the Mets are not happy about it. Beltran recently responded to the Mets. Check out Metsblog to see Beltran’s comments. My thoughts: It’s really unbelievable how many issues fill the Mets organization from top to bottom. No reality TV show can compete with the drama that is the New York Mets. I wonder if this would have happened a few weeks earlier if Jason Bay would have still signed with this team…

-WFAN had a number of Mets visit their radio station this week. One of the more entertaining interviews was Mike Pelfrey on the Boomer and Carton Show.

-In the video below courtesy of David Wright discusses the upcoming 2010 season. This interview was done a few days before the the Beltran mess came out so it’s kind of funny to hear Wright say “we have to find a way to stay healthy…”

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