Thoughts On The Mets Top 20 Prospects for 2010

Posted on by Kerel Cooper

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Minor League Ball: New York Mets Top 20 Prospects for 2010

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3 Responses to Thoughts On The Mets Top 20 Prospects for 2010

  1. re: F-Mart/Niese – You gotta remember that F-Mart is only 21 years old. That's very, very young for a kid in AAA. His struggles in the majors shouldn't be concerning, he has a lot of time to develop and improve. As for Niese, I have to disagree; he looked pretty good to me — 4.21 ERA and a 3.25 FIP [fielder independent pitching, its basically what his ERA should be with neutralized defense] in 5 major league starts. The injury was unfortunate, but having him as an extra starter (assuming we sign a starter) this coming year will be better than calling up the Nelson Figueroa's and Pat Misch's of the world. I'd say Niese's ceiling is that of a good #3 starter, his floor is likely a quality #5 who eats innings.

    re: SS/2B prospects – Well Reese Havens, who played at SS up until the Arizona Fall League, is the guy who is likely to switch to 2B and be the heir to Luis Castillo. I really like Havens — he has great plate discipline and good power for a middle infield prospect. I honestly could see him become a Dan Uggla-type but with less HR's. The other top SS prospects are Wilmer Flores and Ruben Tejada; all scouts are certain Flores will move to either 1B or 3B sometime down the line (for what its worth, hes drawn Miguel Cabrera comparisons), and Ruben Tejada is coming off of a great year in AA for a 19-year old.

    re: 1B – Yeah Ike Davis is the future 1B. He should be ready to be the full-time starter by 2011.

    • kerelcooper says:

      Regarding Niese, I guess I was looking at his overall totals. 39.2 IP and 23 ER which isn't good. Maybe another year in the minors (or at least for the most part) will do him some good. I've never seen Havens play so I'll have to take your word on him :) Thanks for the info on FIP, I appreciate it.

      • No problem. Yeah it might be a bit unfair to look at his career totals considering he struggled a lot in 2008 in the 3 starts he made then. But in 2009 he was much improved thanks to a cutter he developed. He initially came up in May and faced the Pirates and Braves in which he made a good start followed up by a bad one vs Atlanta, which is when he was still learning to throw his cutter. He eventually began to dominate AAA and then got called up when Nieve got hurt and he put up a 3.00 ERA in 3 starts.

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