Q & A: Which Pitcher Should The Mets Pursue

Posted on by Kerel Cooper

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  1. RP from Cresskill says:

    If I were running the Mets there are two moves I'd follow up with.

    1.) We need a proven veteran arm. I would look to trade for any of the following players Zambrano, Arroyo or Harang. I personally love a player with a winning attitude like Zambrano. Arroyo, is a workhorse with tons on strike outs. Aaron Harang when healthy is a quality arm ….

    2.) Even after one of these players are signed, the Mets should also look into either Wang or Sheet (but those deals should be incentive laden) and not the $12MM guaranteed that Sheets is currently seeking.

    • kerelcooper says:

      I'm not sure you can say Zambrano has a winning attitude. His teams never won anything and the dude has a serious temper and attitude problem. He'll fight with anyone in his way, including his own teammates. Regardless I'd still take him on the Mets. If healthy he is a solid number 2 behind Santana.

  2. Henry Piñero says:

    I agree the Mets need a zambrano, harang or arroyo. either one fits it well behind johan. And since they just sign Chapman the Reds need to save some money. But if there is no match in trades which I don’t think there is. I’ll wait for wang and sheets and get Garland or badard and have them compete with niese and the other young player’s for the # 5 spot.

    • kerelcooper says:

      I like Wang and if the Mets can get there hands on him, he could be good in the NL. I think he's got a shot to regain his form from a couple years ago. Regarding a match with the Reds, I think there is one there. For example, check out Jon D’s comments/suggestion on a previous blog post. He talks about Phillips, Cordero, & Arroyo for Castillo, Pagan, Tejada, and maybe a young pitcher like Antonini or Stoner that they could get those three players in return. In my opinion this is an example of a match. Not sure if the Reds would move Cordero or if the Mets are interested in him at this time but even if they didn't I'm sure they could still find a match.

  3. MattyLoop says:

    "The winning attitude like Zambrano?" What has ever won except for his fight with Michael Barrett? Zambrano would cost you players/prospects and you would have to pay him 17 million. Arroyo is getting 12-13 this year.

    You guys havent even consider Jarrod Washburn. Might give you the same production as these other guys for a lot less money and wouldn't cost you any players or prospects.

    • kerelcooper says:

      I hear you on Zambrano and/or Washburn. I overlooked Washburn myself. My problem with Washburn is he's really only had one good season in his entire career (2002) and he was so so in his playoff appearances. Arroyo would cost more in dollars and in trading players but I'm ok with that. He's a better pitcher than Washburn. And at least I know Arroyo was able to handle pitching in a place like Boston, so he should be able to handle New York.

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