Reconsidering Carlos Delgado

Posted on by Kerel Cooper

Links Mention In The Video Above:
OnTheBlack: Video: Jason Bay Press Conference
Matt Cerrone YouTube Channel: Carlos Delgado in Winter Ball

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  2. Well, I agree. And like I said, in worst case scenario if Delgado gets hurt or just stinks, the Mets could THEN turn to Murphy (or Ike Davis, depending on how hes doing in AAA).

    • kerelcooper says:

      The "Delgado gets hurt" is the part I worry about and the reason why this team didn't hit homeruns last year. I don't Murphy is an adequate back up or every day player.

  3. Let's go Mets says:

    Nooooo. Oh God, NO!!!

  4. HFA says:

    We cant think "band-aid", we gotta think solutions: Blalock and LaRoche are real solutions. Round 30yrs old, good gloves, good bats. This is how this team needs to think.

    • kerelcooper says:

      Right, he would be a band-aid for 2010 but everyone is right about the Ike Davis hype (the Mets have been wrong before), then he's our guy for 2011 and beyond, so I can understand not wanting to bring in another free-agent for multiple yeas.

  5. MattyLoop says:

    Think I have to agree with Coop here. Delgado still has the potential to be a middle of the lineup run producer…If healthy, 35 home runs, 110 RBIs, .900 OPS isnt out of reach. For a one year deal with a base salary of 5 million and another 5 in incentives….might be your best bet. Hopefully Davis works out in the future, otherwise you are looking at Cantu or Carlos Pena as free agents next year. (Or get in the Adrian Gonzalez trade sweepstakes this year and drive up the price on the Sox for me!)

  6. Manny says:

    If the Mets can bring back Delgado I wont mind seeing him back becasue 1, like you said the free agent class for 1st base is not all that great and if you can bring in Delgado for cheap I am all up for it. Oh and also why would you want Bay batting 6th in the lineup with Delgado ahead of him??? To me this is the more likely lineup for 2010

    Jose Reyes
    Luis Castillo
    David Wright
    Carlos Beltran
    Jason Bay
    Carlos Delgado
    Jeff Francouer
    Bengie Molina

    Now thats a crazy lineup that can scare any pitcher… The key is for the Mets just to stay healthy and also add a good pitcher or 2 this offseason and I think we can contend in in the playoffs and possibly a World Series…what ya think??

    • kerelcooper says:

      I think the way you laid out the line-up works too. My over all point is that Delgado extends the line-up and makes it deeper in a way Murphy can't. I'd be fine with Bay 5 and Delgado 6. I think we have to wait and see what type of pitching the Mets add before we can talk playoffs or world series. Looking at their roster today, they are not a playoff team in my opinion.

  7. Manny says:

    Yeah I agree with you they need some good pitching because other than Santana everyone else is a question mark in the rotation.

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