Links: Bay Press Conference, Minaya Trade History & Luis Castillo

Posted on by Kerel Cooper

No video blog post this morning but here are a few links of interest:

-I received an email from last night that said:

Jason Bay’s introductory press conference will begin at 11:00 a.m tomorrow (Tuesday) on Tune in tomorrow to see the Mets’ newest outfielder.

You can listen to the press conference live over at WFAN.

-I saw all sorts of reports yesterday that the Mets are in talks with the Redsox to trade Luis Castillo in exchange for Mike Lowell. Personally I can’t see why the Redsox would want Castillo but in any case, I tweeted last night,  “I only like the Castillo for Lowell trade if that means the Mets will go after Husdon.” Let’s see what happens.

-Last, check out MLB Trade Rumors to see the NL East GM Trade History. Specifically for Omar Minaya, you can view his entire trade history here. Thanks to my buddy Matt for the link.

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