Top Five Blog Posts For December 2009

Posted on by Kerel Cooper

Happy 2010! Below is a listing of the top five most viewed stories on for the month of December 2009.

1. Mets fans are most certainly excited about the signing of Jason Bay, so it’s no surprise that the number one story in December was “Getting To Know Jason Bay“.

2. The video footage of Tom Seaver’s first MLB game was also a big hit and very interesting footage to watch.

3. Us Mets fans always like to debate who the Mets should trade and who they shouldn’t trade. I received a strong reaction and a lot of feedback when I asked the question, “Do The Mets Have Any Untouchables?

4. A few weeks back, I was a big believer that the Mets would sign Jason Marquis. As it turns out, he is now a Washington National. If you still want to know more about the pitcher the Mets will face multiple times this year, check out this blog post.

5. I love the fact that the Mets are involved in the community and give back. So anytime I get a chance to spread the word about a good cause, I plan on doing so. This blog post talks about a recent coat drive the Mets were having.

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