Question: What Should The Mets Do Next?

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  3. Guest says:

    Fire Omar.

  4. Manny says:

    I would like for the Mets to go get some pitchers. I heard there was a rumor saying that the Mets were going to be involved in a 3 way deal with the cubs which will make the mets have Carlos Zambrano. If this is true I would like to see this deal happen because the Mets need a number 2 starter behind Johan Santana and Zambrano will be a perfect fit.

  5. Get me 1 high-upside starter — Erik Bedard or Ben Sheets (incentive deal, vesting option for 2011); I don't think giving 1-2 year deals to the Jon Garlands or Doug Davis' of the world would really help the team all that much… if you are gonna give out a 1 year deal, take a risk on an upside guy. If you want more of a durable starter then your best bet is probably committing a few years to Joel Pineiro. Other names I would keep an eye on: John Smoltz, C.M. Wang, and Vicente Padilla. I would also check out the trade market and see whats out there, of course; would Astros deal Roy Oswalt? Likewise with Cubs and Carlos Zambrano? Aaron Harang?

    • kerelcooper says:

      I think I like Wang over Bedard or Sheets. I think his sinker would be a perfect fit in Citi Field. Bedard and Sheets come off as very soft pitchers in my opinion. In terms of trades, I agree with you on Zambrano and Harang. I would also check Arroyo and Lowe as well.

  6. RPtheOG says:

    Who should the Mets sign? The answer is they should make a trade for a pitcher currently under contract. Zambrano has been mentioned above and would be the type of player I'd love to see take the ball behind Johan, but don't think he is the type of player Omar likes. With that said, maybe they can pull a trade for either Bronson Arroyo, Aaron Harang or even Derek Lowe (depending on if ATL will either take Castillo or eat some of Lowes contract). I would have loved Javier Vasquez in a Met uniform, but as we all know the Mets will continue to be a day late and a dollar short. With that said, once a trade is done then we can take a flier on a lesser pitcher (like a Bedard).

    Offensively, there is still a need at first base for a right hand bat. I loved Adam Dunn, but he is still under contract. Miguel Cabrera would be home run, but again Omar has tended to rid the Mets of outspoken players (see LoDuca and Milleage).

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