New York Mets: A Look Back At The 2009 Season

Posted on by Kerel Cooper

As we get ready to welcome in 2010, below is a look back at some of the more popular blog posts throughout the 2009 New York Mets season. In my opinion, it was one of the most bizarre seasons in New York Mets history.

I also just want to take this time to say thank you to all who watch my videos, comment and link to I truly appreciate it. I hope everyone has a wonderful and safe new years and here’s to wishing the New York Mets have a bounce back season in 2010 and beyond!

-Top 5 Blog Posts of The Season: These are the top 5 most visited blog posts during the 2009 season.
-Five Most Embarrassing Off The Field Moments of 2009: The 2009 season was full of embarrassment for the Mets. In this video I sum up some of those moments.
-Five Worst Plays of The Season: Here is a look at some pretty bad plays.
-Five Best Moments of The Season: In this video I look back at some highlights during the 2009 season.
-Lineup Comparison: Opening Day vs. Last Game: Want to know just how crazy the 2009 season was for the Mets? Look no further than a comparison of their Opening Day vs. Last Game lineup.

In Other News:

-The Baseball Bloggers Alliance (I am memeber) has released their picks for the 2010 Hall of Fame.

-The Society For American Baseball Research is offering two $2,500 Scholarships to high school seniors. Check out the details here.

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