Do The Mets Have Any UnTouchables?

Posted on by Kerel Cooper

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  2. ALEX24 says:

    Yesss… santana, reyes, wright, beltran.. Honestly.. That’s it..

    • kerelcooper says:

      Thanks for the comments. So even if you could make a trade for say a good LF and a Starting Pitcher, you wouldn't trade Beltran or Reyes? These guys are completely untouchable in your opinion?

  3. Manny says:

    This is what I think is going to be the 2010 Mets roster starting at opening day….

    Reyes ss
    castillo 2b
    Wright 3b
    Beltran cf
    Bay Lf(Im not sure we will get him knowing how omar can do something stupid)
    Delgado 1b
    Francour Rf
    Molina c

    marquis(Mets can also maybe get Sheets but thats a BIG maybe)

    Rodney (this is also a BIG maybe)

    Oh and if I was the Mets these are the players I would think abot locking up Reyes, Wright, Beltran, and Santana.. I would never trade any of those players and if guys would then you must be anyway do you guys agree with my opening day roster?

  4. Dave_Doyle says:

    Beltran is fairly attractive now with 2 years/$37 million left but he has a full no-trade clause. So the options would be pretty limited to trade him, only to a team he approved. Reyes is very attractive to trade because 2010 is the last year of his deal, plus a 2011 team option. I can't see trading Santana either and he does have a full no-trade clause. I would think about moving K-Rod. 2 years/$23M left on his contract plus a vesting option for 2012 is a fair contract. He can block trades to 10 teams though. Looking at the roster, Santana is the only untouchable in my opinion.

  5. Dave says:

    Look, the question of "do the Mets have any 'untouchables'?" is loaded. Technically, any major league team should be open to trading any of its players if the right deal comes along. But with the way the market is and what it would take to pry away certain players from certain teams, there are players who won't get traded. The question isn't necessarily whether the Mets have players who are untouchable but rather, if they are open to proactively putting their "core" players on the market. This may seem like semantics, but there is an important distinction here. For the Mets to do this, they would have to admit defeat and commit to rebuilding. Ignoring the PR backlash that would ensue upon trading Reyes, Wright, Beltran, or Santana, it just doesn't seem to make much sense to explore trades at this point. The value of all 4 of these players is at the lowest its really ever been. Yes, the Mets' farm system is in shambles and the Phillies seem to only be getting better, but there are still moves to be made. The Mets aren't 1 bat away from competing. Even signing Lackey wouldn't really have made a huge difference (and I believe Theo vastly overpaid for him considering all the signs of decline), but there were, and still are, players out there who could help turn this club around in year or 2 (Cameron would have been nice, Nick Johnson, Langerhans, etc.). If Jack Z can come in and transform the Mariners from a near .500 team AT MOST (with a $100 mill payroll no less) to a now favorite to win the division, there's no reason Minaya can't make savvy moves that will put the Mets in a position to compete. He just has to resist the temptation to hand out Ollie Perez-type contracts to the next "big thing" out there.

    • kerelcooper says:

      Thanks for the comments and what you said makes sense. I agree that value of Reyes, Wright, Beltran & Santana are low right now. I just feel that the Mets have so many holes right now (SP, LF, 1b, C and Bullpen) that if they found a deal where they could trade a Reyes, a Wright or a Beltran for say 3 good players to fill multiple needs they need to serious consider it. Regarding your comment about an "Ollie Perez-type contract". This is what I am most afraid of right now. Minaya is feeling the heat and he is trying to save his job so I'm concerned he's going to do something stupid out of desperation.

      • Dave says:

        I think the Mets's weaknesses might be overstated a little bit. The starting rotation is a mess but there are people out there who can vastly improve the situation. I'm not advocating a 3 year deal for Jason Marquis but we already have a bona fide ace and it wouldn't take too much more to solidify this rotation. After that, the best bullpens in baseball are usually just thrown together. Blowing up the team and rebuilding isn't going to change that. As for the outfield, yes we can use a big bat out there. Jason Bay, to me, is not the ideal fit for this ballclub for the next 4 or 5 years. His career UZR/150 is -8 and last year for the Sox it was -11.2. Citi Field will not be kind to that. He's basically heading down the road of a DH and if the Mets are really just looking for power at this point then they should have signed Dunn last year. The one glaring need for the Mets right now is a power first baseman. First base is a traditional power position and Murph is not going to cut it. I don't think the Mets need a catcher. Getting 15-20 home runs out of the catchers position is not necessary, especially if they focus on putting power at first base and in LF. Based on that assessment, I think we're really looking at a first baseman and some middle of the rotation starters. I'm also afraid that Minaya will do something rash but I don't think it's time to throw in the towel.

        • kerelcooper says:

          I agree that Bay isn't ideal but I won't be upset if the Mets sign him. Ideally I wanted Carl Crawford but that's water under the bridge since the Rays picked up his option. Yeah I was against them going after Dunn last year but I will admit, looking back they should have did it.

  6. Jon D says:

    I think that the Mets don't need to trade away their core players to become contenders for the division.

    If you look at Cincinatti, who is looking to shed payroll, the Mets could solve 3/5 of their problems with them. Phillips, Cordero, & Arroyo are all big contracts the Reds would be looking to get shed, but would still like some value back for them.

    Castillo actually makes less money the next two years than Phillips, so I think if the Mets put together a package of: Castillo, Pagan, Tejada, and maybe a young pitcher like Antonini or Stoner that they could get those three players in return.

    All they would have to do is sign Bay and Molina (which it looks like the will) and instantly, they have an incredible lineup1-7 (1-8 if you are a Murphy Believer) and their pitching staff would be better from last year's opening day roster. As well, I think Maine and Pelf will have superb bounce back years- still not so sure about Ollie (we could see Niese by midseason taking over his roll)

    • kerelcooper says:

      I think this is a good idea. You know over the last week I've heard a lot of Mets fans mention the Reds as a possible trade option. As a matter of fact tomorrow I'l have up a Q & A video as one OnTheBlack's viewers asked me to comment on a trade idea involving Aaron Harang and Luis Castillo. I think right now you have more confidence in Maine and Pelf bouncing back then I do. In order to be successful next year, both those guys will need to show improvement, I'm just not so certain they will. I hope I'm wrong :)

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  8. Noah says:

    exellent idea! The only problem is that the Reds might not accept that, meaning they would want Davis or Mejia, who are actually good prospects. Also, who would be the number 2 hitter? the lineup would be like this:

    • kerelcooper says:

      Looking at the hypothetical you laid out, I might flip flop Bay and Beltran. Phillips cut down on his strikeouts last year so maybe starting the season with him batting 2nd isn't so bad.

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