Thoughts On Playing Winter Baseball

Posted on by Kerel Cooper

Links Mentioned In The Video Above:
Metsblog: News: K-Rod is Playing Winter Ball

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3 Responses to Thoughts On Playing Winter Baseball

  1. Bayonne Mets Fan says:

    A little uncomfortable? It's outrageous!

    It is absolutely ridiculous and irresponsible for Frankie Rodriguez to be playing winter baseball. The WBC and a full season is not enough. That is so dumb it is beyond belief. You are right, it's for minor leaguers, young players looking to improve, and hurt players looking to prove themselves or getting in shape.

  2. kerelcooper says:

    Apparently his contact allows him to play so I guess technically the Mets can't "tell" him not to play. What I can't understand his why Mets management would agree to something like that. If you invest to much money in a player and you think he's is one of the keys to you being a successful team, you have to have more control over the player in terms of him playing baseball outside of MLB. I don't get it.

    • Exactly right.
      I would not have allowed them to play the World Baseball Classic either. If I pay them millions and you want to play for my team then those are the rules. March thru September is enough. Take your 4 months off.

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