Q & A: Understanding Type A vs Type B Free Agents

Posted on by Kerel Cooper

Today’s Q & A comes from JackBauer270: With the current Free Agent rules (Type A, Type B) how many free agents are the Mets allowed to sign? See my video response below.

Links Mentions In The Above Video:
About.com: A rundown of the rules about free agency in Major League Baseball
About.com: 2009-10 MLB Free Agents Scorecard

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5 Responses to Q & A: Understanding Type A vs Type B Free Agents

  1. Just to add some quick notes: Protected draft picks (1-15) cannot be lost. So the Mets would instead forfeit a 2nd round pick to the [first] Type-A they sign since they pick 7th in next year's draft. Type-B's don't require any forfeiting of a draft pick from the signing team, however, the Type-B's former team still receives a supplemental round pick (supplemental round is like a round between the 1st and 2nd round of the draft). And of course the last thing — you cannot receive any compensation unless you actually offer arbitration — this quite important since some teams may fear offering arbitration to player's who had big salaries the prior year and may no be worth it this year, see: Billy Wagner. If you offer someone like Wagner arbitration he could accept and get paid nearly what he made last year ($10.5M) for 1 year.

    • kerelcooper says:

      Thanks Nick for the additions. I tell ya, trying to understand these rules can be tough, trying to explain it can be tougher :) You make a great point about Delgado. Us fans always talk about who we want and why the team didn't sign a certain player ect… we have to realize that these free agent rules come into play when teams make their decisions. Sometimes we don't think about that.

      • Yeah it is a pain to understand lol. I would offer Tatis arbitration though, if he accepts you have him at a reasonable price and hes proven to a very quality super-sub. If he turns it down then you receive a supplemental pick which is excellent compensation for losing a bench bat.

        • kerelcooper says:

          I guess my problem with Tatis is he did not have a good year last season (but then again no one did). And I'm concerned that it could be "over" for him. I'm not sure I want him back at this point.

          • Well to be fair, hes getting too many plate appearances. 306 last year and 379 this year — if the team is healthy he won't get that many and would probably have more success. Also he wasn't THAT bad this year; .777 OPS is still above average. Another important note with Tatis is he really struggled in the 1st half — he only hit .249/.320/.393 in the 1st half but then hit .317/.359/.485 in the 2nd half. His defensive versatility is also important, he can pretty much play any position.

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