Top 5 Blog Posts of The Season

Posted on by Kerel Cooper

It was a long and crazy season for us Mets fans. Below is a recap of the top 5 most viewed blogs posts on

1. Interview: Dave Doyle on The New York Mets Ticket Issues – There was a lot of talk this season about the high ticket prices at Citi Field. Especially with the economy and the Mets as a team struggling. In this video post I was joined by Dave Doyle of to discuss this and more.

2. 5 Books The Mets Should Read – In this post I recommend 5 books the entire New York Mets organization need to read.

3. Have We Seen The Best of John Maine – John Maine had another disappointing season. In this video I recap Maine’s career as a New York Met and question whether or not he can ever reach his potential as a starting pitcher.

4. Have We Seen The Best of Jose Reyes – Unfortunately Jose Reyes leg issues cropped up again this year. Us Mets fans have very high expectations for Reyes and in this video post I discuss whether or not he can live up to those expectations.

5. Biggest Disappointment For The 2009 Mets: Mike Pelfrey – Part of the reason why I feel that the Mets top priority this off-season should be a solid starting pitcher is because Mike Pelfrey did not live up to the hype this year. In my opinion Pelfrey was the most disappointing Met this season and in this video post I explain why.

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