The Mets Should Not Resign Carlos Delgado

Posted on by Kerel Cooper

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4 Responses to The Mets Should Not Resign Carlos Delgado

  1. Tim says:

    Everyone Keeps talking about Ike Davis, If he is as good as everyone says he is Shouldn't we either keep Murphy at first for another season or resign Delgado for one more year? I personally think Omar needs to make the Prince Fielder trade happen but i know many people don't see that happening.

    • kerelcooper says:

      Ike Davis does seem to be the new flavor of the month. We will see. I will be honest when I say I don't keep up with the Mets minor league players as much as I would like to so I don't know too much about Ike Davis. I try as much as possible not to read too much into minor league hype until the player is called up and I can see him play for myself. With that said I am with you on Prince Fielder. I think thats the trade the Mets need to make but like you said reports are is that won't happen. For more on Ike Davis check out this recent post.

      • Tim says:

        Did you happen to see Sam Page's 2010 Off season Plan? he thinks we should Trade Bobby Parnell and Wilmer Flores to the Rays for Carlos Peña. I think this is a decent idea and wouldn't be mad if it happened. what do you think?

        • kerelcooper says:

          yes I did see Sam's post. It is done really well. I think the Parnell/Flores for Pena is a good one. I wouldn't be mad if that happened. There were rumblings this past season that other teams wanted Parnell but the Mets were unwilling to give him up. Not sure if their thinking has changed but Pena does fill a need.

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