Q & A: Roy Halladay and 2010 Offense

Posted on by Kerel Cooper

Questions Answers In The Video Above:
1. nysportsman2 – do you think that the Mets will get Roy Halladay?

2. JackBauer270 - What do I think of a line-up of:
C- Santos
1B- Dunn
2B- Castillo
SS- Reyes
3B- Wright
LF- Holliday
RF- Francouer

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6 Responses to Q & A: Roy Halladay and 2010 Offense

  1. re: Halladay – I would look into it, but it still might cost too much even though hes basically a 1-year rental. Roy Oswalt would be an interesting name to look into …

    re: Dunn – The problem with Dunn is anywhere you put him hes an awful defender. I'm not sure how much you read into sabermetric stats but hes typically a -20 to -25 LF'er (using UZR) which pretty much takes away a ton of what he does with the bat. Even at 1B this year he was 18.7 runs below average which ends up making his total win value in the 1 to 2 range, which isn't very good.

    • kerelcooper says:

      Oh I would look into Halladay as well, just my gut feeling says the Mets won't end up with him. Regarding Dunn, yeah I hear ya he's a terrible defender but the 40+ Homeruns make up for that (in my opinion).

      • Believe it or not, the 40 HR's don't make up for his awful defense. If he were a DH he would an excellent player, but hes not – hes LF/1B and his weak defensive ratings destroy his WAR (wins above replacement).

        • Just for example… if he were a DH this year, he would be about 48 runs above replacement, which is close to 5 wins contributed to the team. But since he plays the field you have to incorporate his fielding ability which dramatically takes away from his overall value – so when you factor that in (his fielding was -36.4 runs) he drops to only being 11.5 runs above replacement, which equals about 1.1 wins contributed to the team.

        • kerelcooper says:

          Ideally, give me your thoughts on how you would handle 1st base this off-season? I've said in the past that out of all the priorities the Mets have (1b, LF, SP) I think 1b will be the toughest for them to handle because I really don't like the potential free-agent options nor do I think the team has an MLB ready option for 2010.

  2. I would only go with a 1 year stopgap guy, since Ike Davis should be ready to take over by 2011 (or as soon as midseason 2010). The 1B free agent market isn't any good but guys I would look into (in this order): LaRoche, Delgado, Branyan. LaRoche is unlikely to come here since hes probably looking for a multiyear deal (and he'll probably get it), Delgado is a risk but you can get him on a cheap, incentive-laden deal for 1-year, and Branyan is coming off of great year with Seattle but I really have no idea what the market will be for him. Some trade/non-tender candidates to look into: Jorge Cantu, Garrett Atkins, Ryan Garko. I would also check in on Adrian Gonzalez and Prince Fielder, but the price will most likely be way too costly.

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