Q & A: Should The Mets Sign Xavier Nady

Posted on by Kerel Cooper

Question From reillys5: Coop – what do you think about signing the xman? he can play first and left .. seems like a good move .. although he does get injured a lot?

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2 Responses to Q & A: Should The Mets Sign Xavier Nady

  1. Michael Stewart says:

    The Brewers have made it clear that Prince Fielder is not on the trading block. With that being said; I agree with you that Crawford (if available) would be the best choice for the Mets to play LF, followed by Holliday and Bay. If the Mets should acquire a LFer via free agency, then they have options with starting pitchers by either trading for one (Halladay/Hernandez) or signing one (Lackey/Marquis). I would prefer the Mets to stay away from a Marquis, he doesn't fit the #2 role. As for 1st base, let's not forget that Ike Davis is projected to be ready by 2011 and if the Mets were to acquire either Crawford/Holliday or Bay and a starting pitcher like a Halladay/Hernandez or Lackey, then I would be happy with offering Nady a 1 year deal with a club option to play 1st along with Murphy (platoon system) in 2010.

    • kerelcooper says:

      Good point on Ike Davis. I have said before that I think 1b will be the toughest position for the Mets to fill this off-season because 1) I don't like the free agency class 2) They don't have an in-house solution that is ready now. They may have to piece it together for a year or two and wait on Davis.

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