NY Mets: Dramatic Decline In Team Homeruns

Posted on by Kerel Cooper

We all know about the power outage the Mets had this year. In an attempt to further illustrate this point, I put together a video discussing and showing the dramatic decline in the homerun department.

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8 Responses to NY Mets: Dramatic Decline In Team Homeruns

  1. rob says:

    yea, i think the obvious answer is injuryies, namely to delgado and beltran, but i think there is an underlying reason behind the injuries. the Mets didn't have a deep lineup at all in terms of power potential, even when healthy. I remember thinking last offseason that they should sign adam dunn because if anything happened to delgado then they would be screwed. they have been too dependent on delgado to provide most of the power with wright and beltran adding some depth. we haven't had the power depth in the lineup lately, that is to say after the 4th or 5th spot in the lineup when most teams have hitters with marginal power, the mets have player with NO power. Going into a season with castillo, murphy/tatis(in lf, boy does that seem like a long time ago), and schneider in the lineup, with a pitcher renders you totally dependant on a couple of players… so while everyone wants a big bat this offseason(including me), we shoudl also take a look and try to improve the power depth in the lineup. luckily the francouer trade should help that at least a little bit over the course of an entire year.

  2. nick says:

    i agree with rob with the injuries and the fact that that the mets lineup didnt have much depth to begin with. i believe that getting a guy like matt holliday or jason bay is a must. if not one of them, look into trying to trade for dunn or pena. anyway, away teams at citi field hit the fourth most home runs in the nl, which might mean that the park isnt even that much of a pitchers park to begin with

    • kerelcooper says:

      If Tampa Bay let's Crawford walk & not pick up the option, I would prefer the Mets get him over Holliday or Bay. His speed at the top of the line-up along with the ground he can cover in that big outfield would be vital.

  3. eddie says:

    first of all let me say injuries of course derailed a lot of the mets power.But David wright struggled because of citi fields dimensions and no protection in the lineup.He put too much pressure on himself. But make no mis take the mets had better get halladay and holliday they will need them! Has anyone seen the stats of atlantas starting pitching staff or floridas for that matter?

    • kerelcooper says:

      I agree that Wright probably put too much pressure on himself. I don't know if I agree that the Mets better get Halladay and Holliday. They need to fill a starting pitching spot and LF but they can fill them with other options and still be successful next year (IMO).

  4. missthemets says:

    Reyes 16 (don't forget he has some pop!)
    Wright 33
    Beltran 27
    Delgado 38
    TOTAL = 114

    Reyes 2 (almost forgot he even had ABs this year…)
    Wright 10
    Beltran 10
    Delgado 4 (ditto)
    TOTAL 26

    28 – 114 = -88 Enough said.

  5. kerelcooper says:

    Good point. Injuries were a huge factor.

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