Five Worst Plays of The Season

Posted on by Kerel Cooper

Earlier this week I listed my thoughts on the top five Mets moments in 2009. In the video post below I list the five worst plays of the 2009 Mets season.

Five Worst Plays of The Season:
1. Unassisted Triple Play

2. Castillo Drops The Pop Up

3. Murphy Drops The Pop Up

4. Church Missing Third Base

5. Pagan gets duped and forced at second base

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5 Responses to Five Worst Plays of The Season

  1. jim says:

    NO…the worst was and will always be the Castillo drop.
    This was the absolute dagger to the heart of any Mets fan.
    Unassisted triple play is luck.
    Dropping a fly ball that ANY player could catch was Castillo!

  2. KaleeeeeEE:P says:

    number 2 should be number 1!! i remember I was at my school dance when that happened… My friend texted me scores and took a vid of the dropped pop up by castillo! LOL i laughed soooo hard!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! and jim is correct!! Jim you are my new best friend

    And also we won today again 6-0!!!!!! :)


    Your Friend,
    Kaleeeeeeeeeeee :)
    Go yankees!!

  3. dL0 says:

    I agree with your top 5 for the most part except i'd say #5 for me would be when Jeremy Reed was at first base and made the way off line throw to home in what ended up being the winning run of the game.

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