My Pick For 2009 NY Mets MVP

Posted on by Kerel Cooper

My pick for the New York Mets 2009 MVP is Luis Castillo. In the video below I explain why I picked Castillo.

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6 Responses to My Pick For 2009 NY Mets MVP

  1. Ronald says:

    Castillo and the words MVP should not be said ever again. The Mets were 70-92 and when you win 70 games your team has no MVP. Yes, Castillo has his best season as a Mets (but is that even saying much), were the Mets better because he was on their roster? Did he do anything to help this team win any game? The answer is no. Was Castillo a leader? What did he bring to the table in 2009 outside of average stats? NOTHING. I said this before the season begun, the Mets need to cut Castillo and move on and I still strongly feel this way. Eat the contract and move on. Maybe another team will take a flier on the 'ontheblack' MVP Castillo, but I don't care to see him on the roster in 2010.

    • Kerel Cooper says:

      I think whether a team wins 20 games or wins 100 games, every team had an MVP. BTW – I didn’t mention this in the video but I think the Mets should try to move Castillo ( so I agree with you that he should go). His value won’t get any better then it is now so the timing is perfect to trade him.

  2. Blooblud says:

    Top five in Mets' offensive categories? Jeremy Reed made one of the top fives you mentioned. Top 5 isn't good enough to be the Mets" MVP. Not when David Wright leads the Mets in hits, runs, doubles, rbi, stolen bases, walks, games played and at-bats. He was the last big Met hitter to get injured (taking a dome shot for the team), and the first to come back. He didn't meet expectations, but even a sub-par Wright outperformed anyone else on the team.

    A few top fives that Castillo did not make (despite playing in 142 games): doubles, triples, home runs, RBI. All these were stats the Mets sorely lacked this season. And while I know he's "not that kind of player" and that his contributions are not those kinds of contributions, Wright also beat him in runs and walks, the categories in which you'd expect Castillo to excel. And while Castillo out-performed Wright defensively, we can collectively remember only one of Castillo's defensive plays from 2009, and it wasn't a flattering one.

    • Kerel Cooper says:

      Thanks for the comments & you make an excellent case for Wright. Despite his homeruns tanking, strikeouts up and the injury Wright did have a decent year. I think Castillo shocked me this year with the amount of games he played and how well he played. I didn’t expect him to do either. I do however think the Mets should still try to move Castillo this off season & go in another direction at 2nd base.

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