Mets News: Francesa Talks with Wilpon, Minaya & Howard

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Incase some of you were at work (like I was) and didn’t catch WFAN’s Mike Francesa interview Mets Owner Jeff Wilpon, General Manager Omar Minaya and Executive VP of Business Operations Dave Howard, below are links to the interview.

I would have to say I think the interview was a pretty good one. Francesa touched on everything from the injuries, fan criticsm, 2010 season ticket options, budget issues, evaluating the current roster, free agency and much more.

I think the one thing that stands out the most to me about the interview is when Fred Wilpon pretty much says that any issues stemming from the Madoff situation will not impact the team spending for 2010. In my opinion this is great news because we all know the Mets have multiple holes to fill and the team is going to have to spend money to fill some of those needs. This is not the time for the Mets to cut payroll.

Now, the next four months will prove whether or not what Wilpon says is true, but one day after completing one of the most dissappointing seasons in team history, it’s good to hear the Owner come out and speak positively moving into 2010.  On a related note, I received an email/video from the Mets thanking the fans for sticking by the Mets.

Here are the links to the interview:
Interview Part I
Interview Part II
Interview Part III

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