Around The Net: Sports Endorsements and Wearing Blue

Posted on by Kerel Cooper

A quick post about a couple stories I’m reading around the internet on this busy Friday.

Over at The Ropolitans, Andrew Vazzano post a video of David Wright appearing on FOX Business to discuss sports endorsements. They get into a discussion about Wright’s deal with Vitamin Water plus a new venture. During the discussion Wright talks about the Mets issues this season and he says it’s a “combination of injuries and poor play”. I think this is an important statement by Wright said because he’s right. The Mets sure did have a lot of injuries this season, but even when everyone was healthy, they still played poor.

Over at Metsblog, Matt Cerrone says next season “I’d like to see every Mets fan who attends Citi Field wearing a blue shirt… nothing but blue”. I agree and support this. So many times this season I heard Mets fans complain about one thing or another at Citi Field (myself included). Here is a chance for us fans to make Citi Field “feel more like the Mets home”. Let’s get behind this, wear blue and add some character to the ballpark!

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