Q & A: New York Mets First Base Situation

Posted on by Kerel Cooper

Q & A Question answered in the video above:

TheMetman594 – With the struggles of Daniel Murphy this season at first base, do you think that the Mets should resign Carlos Delgado despite his age, or should they try to trade or pick up a first basemen during the offseason?

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2 Responses to Q & A: New York Mets First Base Situation

  1. Manny says:

    The Mets can get a power first basemen…From what I heard this upcoming offseason the Nationals and Brewers are going to be looking to trade Adam Dunn and Prince Fielder. If I were the Mets I would be all over that and try to make a deal to at least get 1 of those power bats. Also the Blue Jays are going to be looking to trade Roy Halladay in the offseason I would also be all over that deal and try and get him as our number 2 starter.

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