Mets: Best Single-Season Hitting Performances by Position

Posted on by Kerel Cooper

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4 Responses to Mets: Best Single-Season Hitting Performances by Position

  1. freeredis says:

    i chose 3 diff players, 96 L.Johnson( citi field proto type, C. Figgins r u listening?), 07 Wright(higher ave & speed) & 98 Olerud .(354, no nonsense)

  2. Joe D. says:

    Great job on this. I'm actually working on a blog to see where Castillo's season ranks among the best ever for Mets second basemen. I should have it completed by Monday. Fonzie was amazing in 2000 and 1999, I actually think his numbers were better in 2000 his OPS was .967 almost 100 points higher than 1999. He missed a few games with an injury so the raw numbers were a little lower, but he also batted .324 with a .425 OBP, all career highs.

    • kerelcooper says:

      Nice, can't wait to read that post. It's amazing that the one guy who most of us Mets fans (including me) wanted gone over the winter may end up being the team MVP this year. Castillo really came back strong this season. Fonzie is one of my favorite Mets players of all time. He was amazing in 99 and 2000.

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