Mets News: Sign-up For An Internship

Posted on by Kerel Cooper
Sign Up For An Intership With The Mets!

Sign Up For An Intership With The Mets!

I received an email today regarding a chance to win an internship with the New York Mets. The email said:

If you are a current high school student (freshman, sophomore, junior or senior) and are between the ages of 13-18, you may be eligible to win a one-month internship with the Mets in New York City. For a chance to win, just complete the form below, including a 50-100 word essay describing why you would like to break into the business of baseball with the Mets.

I’m about 15 years too old to apply for this :) but for my younger viewers out there I encourage you to at least enter. You never know, you could be the next Theo Epstein!

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3 Responses to Mets News: Sign-up For An Internship

  1. ahahahhahaahah i know the "younger viewers" means MWAH!!!!!!!!! lol but i dont wanna so you cant encourage me HA! even if i did want to do it i wouldnt know what to say about business. lol.
    OHHH and my first sofball game for the season is this SUNDAY!!! as my agant, Wish me LuCk!!!!!!! .

    Your client,

  2. Kalee(: says:

    lol okayyyy thanks!!!!!!!!! bye K-Coop!!!!!!!!!!!!!! =P

    Your client,

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