Q & A: Josh Thole, Mets Quitting and Top Prospects

Posted on by Kerel Cooper

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Below are the questions I answer in the video above:

newfjhbearsfan23 – what did you think about Josh Thole’s big league debut & what are the chances that the Mets sign Rockies starter Jason Marquis to be the no.2 starter?

ronnismetsblog – What’s worse? (Regarding the entire Mets team quitting this year except Wright…) Them quitting on the organization or the fans?

go57mets – Which top prospect of ours between, Bobby Parnell, Jon Niese, Daniel Murphy, Josh Thole and Fernando Martinez will have the most successful career?

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6 Responses to Q & A: Josh Thole, Mets Quitting and Top Prospects

  1. im not in favor of signing marquis, hes always been kinda 'meh' .. not sure i can buy into 1 year of success.. if the mets dont want to sign lackey (hes looking for AJ Burnett like deal so i say no way) they should try and sign a rich harden or ben sheets on a 1 or 2 year deals. sheets would probably take a 1 year deal since pitching a year in citi will make him look more attractive in the 2010 offseason.

    • kerelcooper says:

      I'm a Lackey fan. My problem with Harden and Sheets is they are injury prone and we've had enough of that for one season.

      • Even though they are injury prone at least one could be had on a 1 year deal. Lackey wants like 5 years/$80M and there is no way the Mets should give him that, that could blow up on them in a year or 2.

        • kerelcooper says:

          Yeah this is a tough call on either Harden, Sheets or Lackey. If we could get Lackey for 3 yrs and a club option max I think I would feel more comfortable with that then 1yr for Harden or Sheets. These injuries this year really bother me and I don't want to bring in a pitcher with a career full of injury issues. Harden has been an issue for the Cubs since he got there and the last time we saw Sheets he got injured at a time when the Brewers really needed him the most to go along with Sabathia. I think Lackey would be good in the NL East for at least 2 years. but 3 or 4 yrs, I would agree he would run into issues.

  2. as for fmart i wouldn't worry .. hes 20 years old, he was dominating AAA when he got called up.. the kid could remain there for 2-3 years and still be a top prospect. hes got ALL the time in the world to develop.

    i say parnell ends up a setup man at best, niese a durable #3 or #4 starter, murphy a guy who will be a good utility guy to have on the bench, thole a catcher who will hit for average/OBP but little to no power.. and i think fmart certainly has the makings of an allstar OF'er which is what hes been touted to be

    • kerelcooper says:

      I would say that I think F-Mart may have the most upside because like you said he has the makings of an all-star OF. The question is can he put it together. Mets had a lot of needs this off-season. Are you open to trading any of these prospects to fill multiple needs?

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