Mets News: Citi Field Fanwalk Bricks For Sale

Posted on by Kerel Cooper
My Family Fanwalk Brick at Citi Field

My Family Fanwalk Brick at Citi Field

If you missed the first go around of the Citi Field Fanwalk Bricks you are in luck because they are back. From the Mets website:

Bricks will be placed in twelve sections, each commemorating an Amazin’ moment in Mets history. Recognize your family and friends through lasting tributes engraved directly onto the bricks of the plaza to either side of the Jackie Robinson Rotunda.

I think this is a great promotion by the Mets and I purchased one last year. Not only will your brick be placed at Citi Field, but you will receive a replica in the mail and part of the purchase of the brick is tax deductible. To purchase your very own Citi Field Fanwalk Brick, go here.

Also don’t forget to check out NY Mets Fanwalk. They are doing their best to catalog pics of all the Fanwalk Bricks.

Credit: I originally got word of this promotion from Matt Cerrone over at Metsblog

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