Pulse: Mets Fans Loyalty

Posted on by Kerel Cooper

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In the above video I discuss the question I asked my Twitter followers:

Loyalty Question: how many of you still plan in watching as many #Mets games as you can for the remainder of the season?

ZekeO73 – I cant help but watch kerel…

justinleon – i’ll watch a #mets game if there is nothing left on, I’m just waiting for hockey season to come back! #isitoctoberyet

gmo418 – If we did not stop watching in 90s why would we stop now? #Mets

kdoster – I’d watch them all if I could!! And go to them as well!!

Coopz22 – cmon KCoop! You know the Answer…enjoying it while we can b/c once it’s over, you know we’ll be counting days till p’s and c’s

pattigibbons – I do! Being a Mets fan is a through thick AND thin kind of thing.

fullnelson – foolishly, I’m still going to hear [on my iPhone] many of the #mets game as possible [I have no cable] Re: Loyalty Question

YaGottaBKiddnMe – i do. now that i’m over the disaster part of it all, it’s kind of relaxing. can’t be disappointed. only pleasantly surprised :)

darknova306 – I’ll watch as many as my schedule allows, but I won’t go to bed way late just to see the end of a game anymore.

metgirl4ever – i’m boycotting all things baseball for 2 days & then i’ll be back to it 2mrw…cant stay away & come Nov/Dec i’ll really miss it

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