Should The Mets Wounded Come Back This Year?

Posted on by Kerel Cooper

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Twitter Responses:

NYMetsGrrl94 – I want to see Wright play. I’d rather not go into the offseason with ??? about his health and wondering if he is okay.

ZekeO73 – I don’t wanna see them. If Delgado and Wagner come off the DL, I would ship them to a contender. It’s all about 2010 for me.

thebrowncoat – Nope. Shut them all down and get them ready for next year.

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4 Responses to Should The Mets Wounded Come Back This Year?

  1. no. they sould not come back. I am not saying this as a yankees fan. Everyone knows the Mets are not going to the playoffs. I would love David Wright to come back. I feel really bad for him.

    Your client,

  2. Metsmatt1983 says:

    the mets had better not even think about trading jose reyes he is a finely tuned machine the stength and conditioning staff needs to be completely replaced and dicraced they obviously have no ide how to keep posistion or pitchers healthy the best teams stay healthy and the fact we didnt make a play for cliff lee who is a great young pitcher money is no object in new york omar minaya is incompetent and melting down remember i believe he trade scott kazmir for victor zambrano also wouldnt pay pedro one million per but give a long extension to oliver perez he has turned inyo a joke i am of half latin american descent and our team seems like the dominican all stars allowing cliff lee and pedro to waltz into our division without a fight is appaling we are going to have to face lee for years to come what are we doing let reyes sit bring the rest back there is no reason for reyes to risk further injury the season is all but lost and forget the division two months ago if rest is the medicine for reyes is give a double dose but you have to realize he has played over a 150 games a year th previous 4 seasons

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