Surfing The Mets Blogs: Uniforms, Making Trades and More

Posted on by Kerel Cooper

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Check Out The Articles I mention in the post above:
Checked Swing: Mets Uniforms 2

Eddies Kranepool Society: FIT TO FIGHT ? OR JUST NOT FIT?

Daily News: Mets Could Be Willing To Deal Billy Wagner by postseason-roster deadline

Black Sports Online: Please Release the Whole Steroid List

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2 Responses to Surfing The Mets Blogs: Uniforms, Making Trades and More

  1. Thanks for the mention (Checked Swing). I disagree that the list of names should be released in its entirety. Whilst it's damaging the sport to have them released one by one, if you find the person leaking the names, you stop the damage.

    • kerelcooper says:

      No prob on the mention, you do some good work. Regarding the list, in response to your comment, I guess the question is will we ever find who's leaking the list? Is that a priority for the government, because whoever is leaking the list is breaking the law. I just feel a new name is going to come out every so often and the sport will never be able to get past this.

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