Mets-Cardinals Series Recap plus a Q & A

Posted on by Kerel Cooper

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4 Responses to Mets-Cardinals Series Recap plus a Q & A

  1. Manny says:

    Yeah, the Mets are done what a disaster of a game that was againest the cards. That basically put the icing on the cake for the 2009 season. I agree with you on shuting down Jose Reyes. There is no point for him to come back anymore. I would shut down Beltran as well and bring Delgado back cause hes going to be a free agent next year so he needs to prove that he is still good. This season has been nothing but a joke. I mean all these injuries were just unbelievable! The Mets need to make major moves in the offseason cause really I think Omar's job is going to be on the line for next season. If I were him I would consider getting a legit starter for next season, like Roy Halladay. Also a first basemen. I hope 2010 can be a much better year in terms of us staying healthy cause I really want this team to make it far in the playoffs. Right now if I were the Mets I would consider bringing up some minor leaguers and see what they can do at the major leauge level.

    • kerelcooper says:

      With Delgado being a free agent and the Mets probably not going to bring him back, wouldn't it be better if they just let Murphy continue to play first base and get more experience? I think the priorities in the off season (not in this order) should be LF, Starting Pitching and Catcher.

  2. manny says:

    Nope I am going to disagree with you on the Murphy part. I mean dont get me wrong Murphy is a good player but he has been very and I mean VERY inconsistent this year and most of it was on the bad side. We cant rely on Murphy to be our everyday first basemen it would just be a complete disaster. In my opinon he hasent shown enough yet. We need a legit starting pitcher and since Delgado is gone for next year we need a legit first basemen and clean up hitter, I think Santos can be our catcher for next year and as for LF I would put Angel Pagan to play there he has shown a lot this year. If only he were to stay healthy he would be perfect out there in LF.

    • kerelcooper says:

      I like Pagan as a player but don't know if I can trust him to be healthy. So I don't know if I am in favor of him being the starting LF. I think LF has to be one of the top priorities in the off season. We really need to bring in someone. Same for pitching and catcher. I don't know if I like Santos as the every day catcher. I think if we bring in a bat to play LF I can live with Murphy at first.

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