Surfing The Mets Blogs: Bad Designs, Trades and Billy Wagner

Posted on by Kerel Cooper

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2 Responses to Surfing The Mets Blogs: Bad Designs, Trades and Billy Wagner

  1. freeredis says:

    though some merch is a little cheesy, i think most items are very unique Mets gear…. i also think this season is lost. wags only gives us basically 2 felicianos. i think the fact the new stadium plays like the astrodome for longballs was so overlooked by the management before the season reflects very poorly on the organization's leadership. i hate to say it, but the yanks transition to their new homerun park was well orchestrated.(its all about a-rod & 800hrs). this team must now be built like the 80's KCRoyals or the ozzie/w.mcgee St.L Cards( think carl crawford.,nyger morgan,C Figgins,etc…. and O.Perez should be forced to pitch with a gun pointed at him! I still thing he can be good more consistently, but someone needs to teach him something! adios

    • kerelcooper says:

      I will agree that I don't think management took the park into consideration in their off-season moves. Hopefully they won't make that same mistake in the upcoming off season.

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