Series Recap: Mets Surprise In Boston

Posted on by Kerel Cooper

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4 Responses to Series Recap: Mets Surprise In Boston

  1. Max says:

    Great Video. Next Weak can you tell us what you think of Murphy and 1B. Also, can you talk about Fernado Marteniz? Thanks!!!
    P.S. Just to let you know, if you want more information you sjould go to

  2. Kerel Cooper says:

    Thanks for the comments Max. I will be sure to do a post on Murphy at 1b and Fernando Martinez.

  3. Kalee :-) says:

    Yo- My arm is recovered!!!!
    U my agent now?!


  4. Kerel Cooper says:

    Kalee – LOL good luck on Wednesday. Hope you win.

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