Mets Weekly Update: Player of The Month, Q &A and More

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April Player of The Month

Johan Santana 3-1 | 1.10 ERA | 0.95 WHIP – Santana could easily be 5-0 if not for an error by Daniel Murphy and a blow up by J.J. Putz. If not for Santana’s performance in April, I don’t know where this team would be.

Up Coming Schedule

The Mets are on a stretch now where they will play 20 in a row. Needless to say, I am concerned as to how the starting pitching will hold up and the wear and tear on the bullpen. Are you also concerned?

Q & A

Q: tstrongmets20 - what do u think they will do with Ollie if he gets light up against the phillies? Do u think he’ll go to the pen or be sent down? And if hes sent down who do they call up?

A: First and foremost, let’s hope Oliver Perez turns it around. If Perez continues to struggle, no matter what the Mets do with him, it won’t be good for the team. If I were the manager, I’d give Perez the next two starts to work it out. His next two starts are scheduled to be against the Phillies, a team he normally does great against. I don’t agree with putting Perez in the bullpen. I don’t think that accomplishes anything. What I might do if he struggles the next two starts is send him down to the minors and bring up Nelson Figueroa

Q: ronnismetsblog – What was Manuel thinking pulling Castro in the ninth for Santos against the Marlins? I love Santos…but Castro had 2 hits.

A: It’s safe to say that was a bad move by Manuel. Manuel said he thought Santos had a better shot of getting a hit because he has a shorter swing. To me this makes no sense. Up to that point, Castro had a nice game while Santos was sitting in the bullpen for 8 innings. This was not a good move, regardless of how much confidence you have in Santos.

Q: MetsFan575 – I want to know your opinion on firing Jerry Manuel

A: Barring a complete utter embarrassment on the field, I think Jerry Manuel will be the Mets manager all season. The Mets fired their manager mid-season last year, I don’t see them doing it again. Even though Manuel has made some questionable decision this year, let’s remember it’s not his fault that none of the starters (besides Santana) have been inconsistent and it’s also not Manuel’s fault the offense is not hitting with RISP.

I’ll be doing a Q & A segment every week. If you have a question that you would like me to discuss and answer, please Email Me. Please leave a comment and let me know your thoughts.

3 Responses to Mets Weekly Update: Player of The Month, Q &A and More

  1. hdarvick says:

    Unfortunately for Figueroa, who has never pitched badly for the Mets in 2008 or 2009 (worst start was 5 runs in 5 innings vs LA), with some very good outings (went 7 innings twice in April; 1.35 ERA in 7 games in September 2008), I think Tim Redding will be called up from Buffalo – he's scheduled to start for the Bisons on Tuesday, so if we see Bad Ollie today instead of Good Ollie, the Mets will probably wait until after Redding's start to make the final decision. In his two starts for Buffalo this season (not counting the 2 innings he pitched between the two starts, then was removed because he would be called up), Figueroa pitched 7 innings in each game, allowing a total of one run.

  2. Kerel Cooper says:

    Redding is a possibility but if he’s scheduled to pitch for the Bisons on Tuesday then he’s not an option to pitch in Perez’s spot next week. Even after today, I still say give Perez one more start next week.

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