Series Recap: Mets Win 2 of 3 From Nats But I’m Still Disappointed

Posted on by Kerel Cooper

On the surface, winning two of of three is a good thing but I’m disappointed. In a previous series recap, I stated that the Mets needed to sweep the Nats in order for this series to be a success. In my video below I analysis the weekend series and explain why I am disappointed in the New York Mets performance. 

If your having trouble viewing this video, try the Quicktime version

Series Take-Aways:

  • Last Games of Series: The Mets are now 0-6 in game three of series this year. I’m not sure what to make of it, but seems like the team already has their bags packed and ready to move on.
  • Bad Ollie appears again: I think we need to stop saying “Bad Ollie” or “Good Ollie”. There is only one Oliver Perez and the bottom line is he’s not good. 4.1 IP | 9 H | 7 ER. 
  • Met Offense: The offense is still leaving too many men on base. 27 LOBs in this weekends series.

Who’s Hot and Who’s Not:

  • Who’s Hot? How about Jose Reyes? Reyes is batting .315 and now has a 12 game hitting streak.
  • Who’s Not? How about Oliver Perez? 1-2 | 15 BB | 9.31 ERA

Next Up For The Mets:

  • Next up are the first place Florida Marlins. They come to Citi Field for the last three games of April. 

Please leave a comment and let me know your thoughts. Also, don’t forget to check out my pics from this weekends series.

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2 Responses to Series Recap: Mets Win 2 of 3 From Nats But I’m Still Disappointed

  1. lvadgal says:

    Kerel your stat about being 0-6 is alarming. 27 guys on base. Even take a quarter of them coming home would even make the stat easier to take. Figures that Marlins will come to end April. May will be a better month. Great recap! Will you be on the live blog tomorrow nite?

  2. Kerel Cooper says:

    lvadgal – thanks for the comments. I’m probably more alarmed about the LOBs because if the Mets start hitting the ball in key spots, they will starting winning some of these 3rd/final series games.

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