Last Night’s Mets Loss Is A Cause For Concern

Posted on by Kerel Cooper

Last nights 6-4 Loss in my opinion pretty much summed up the Met issues that they have been having this season. In my video below, I explain why I feel the Mets have a record of 6-7 and why we should be concerned about this team.

If your having trouble viewing this video, try the Quicktime version

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2 Responses to Last Night’s Mets Loss Is A Cause For Concern

  1. Dave Doyle says:

    I love the 6:00 am post! That’s dedication.

    I agree with everything in your post and am starting to wonder when we can begin to criticize Manuel. He’s been preaching fundamentals, hitting behind runners, etc. But the Mets aren’t doing any of those things. Maybe he isn’t able to get his message across to the players?

  2. Kerel Cooper says:

    Thanks for the comments Dave. Yeah I had to get up early and get this off my chest :) and your right about Manuel. He’s got the tools to win so maybe it’s his message. Only time will tell.

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