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Posted on by Kerel Cooper

Last week, in a post I mentioned that Dwight Gooden would be appearing at Modell’s Times Square location (West 42nd Street & 7th Avenue) to promote the Mo’s Zone & Modell’s Clubhouse at Citi Field. During Gooden’s visit a number of Mets Bloggers had the opportunity to send in a couple questions for Doc. I was fortunate enough to get one of my questions in (my question is about the 5th one). See Video Below (Hit The HQ Button For Better Quality):

Another question I asked that didn’t make it in the final video cut:

Q. - Will you be a regular at Citi Field now that your nephew is on the team?
A. Doc Gooden - Yeah, you’ll see me a lot, and it’s great to be back, and the comradery with the fans, and sharing baseball memories with them as well, I’ll enjoy that.

Most of the bloggers were not on hand at the event but Brooklyn Mets Fan was there and you can check out their post and more here.

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3 Responses to Doc Gooden Q & A

  1. RPtheOG says:

    Congrats good friend … may this be the first of many! VERY NICE! And yes I am a little bit jealous. Dr.K Baby!

  2. Kerel Cooper says:

    Thanks Man. I appreciate it. Doc is still my all-time favorite Met.

  3. Dr. K Fan says:

    Dr. K is back son!!!!!!

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