Baseball Honors Jackie Robinson

Posted on by Kerel Cooper

Below is a Jackie Robinson tribute video I came across. Today Major League Baseball will honor Jackie Robinson on the 62nd anniversary of the day he crossed the color barrier in baseball. In my eyes, Jackie Robinson has meant more to the game of baseball than any other player in it’s history. Robinson was good baseball player and an even better human being. Here’s to you Jackie!

Original Video Source: Click Here

Mets Fans: Our team will also be paying tribute today with the Jackie Robinson Rotunda as the focal point.

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2 Responses to Baseball Honors Jackie Robinson

  1. you r sooooooooooo lucky! u went to mets opening day!!!!!!!!!!!! tough loss. well for u not me! UGHHHHH yankees that day lost 15-5 against the rays.

    Kalee Naraine

  2. Kerel Cooper says:

    Hey Kalee – yeah I enjoyed the game and the Yankees did get hammered on Monday. Wang doesn’t look good.

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