Weekly Update: Analyzing the Starting Pitching and Viewer Questions

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Analyzing The Starting Pitching:

There was a lot of talk and concern regarding the Mets starting rotation coming into this season. Lets take a look at how they have faired after the first week of the season:

  • Combined Starters Totals: 3-1 , 26.2 IP, 17 ER
  • Only Livan Hernandez went more than 6 IP
  • The Good: Livan Hernandez and Johan Santana
  • The OK: Mike Pelfrey and John Maine
  • The Bad: Oliver Perez. As I pointed out in a post earlier this week, Perez gave up 8 ER coming off of a terrible spring. I was a supporter of bringing back Perez over signing Derek Lowe, but Perez now has me second guessing that decision.
  • I was originally ok with this rotation coming into the season and after week one, I still am. Although I think Perez needs to shape up.

Q & A:
Q: section518: Who do you expect to be the first call-up from Buffalo/Binghampton, and why?

A: Kerel Cooper: Well, I think the team is pretty much set and I don’t see a call-up unless someone gets hurt or is doing really poorly and for the sake of the team I hope neither happens. With that said, I think there are a couple players that are right on the cusp of being called up should either situation happen. 1) Nelson Figueroa – should the Mets need a spot start or a long relief, I think Figueroa is your guy. He’s a veteran and versatile enough to play either role. 2) Nick Evans – Evans had a good spring and broke camp with the big team. He was sent down when Sheffield signed and I think should the Mets need an additional bat, I think Evans would get the call. He can also play 1b and the OF if needed. Other notables: Jonathon Niese – P, Argenis Reyes – 2b and Bobby Kielty - OF

Q: newfjhbearsfan23Do you think the mets should go after Roy Halladay if Perez keeps pitching the way he is now?

A: Kerel Cooper: Yes. I have a feeling the Mets, along with a few other teams will make inquiries into Roy Holliday’s availability. My thinking is as we get close to the trade deadline, the Blue Jays will be out of the AL East race. According to Cot’s Baseball Contracts, Halladay is scheduled to make $14.25M this year and $15.75M in 2010. I think the Blue Jays will look to dump this salary and I hope the Mets are there to pick it up.

Q: MeetdaAmazinsWhat is your take on our second base situation…its clear that Castillo is pure garbage and I believe the Mets missed out on signing Orlando Hudson…Do you think there are options in our farm system or is it a need we should take care of via trade ???

A: Kerel Cooper: I was a a big supporter of the Mets pursuing Orlando Hudson this past off-season. To bad they didn’t get him. With that said, I don’t think you will see any call-ups from the minors to relieve Castillo. I think the Mets are committed to Castillo this year. If he does poorly, I think you will see a combination of Alex Cora and Fernado Tatis at second base. After this season, Castillo has two years left on his deal at $6M per year (terrible signing by Omar) so if the Mets trade him you can be sure they will have to eat some, if not all of this salary. The Mets still have Argenis Reyes in their minor league system and if you recall he played ok when called up last year, but I don’t think he’s the long term answer.

I’ll be doing a Q & A segment every week. If you have a question that you would like me to discuss and answer, please Email Me.

2 Responses to Weekly Update: Analyzing the Starting Pitching and Viewer Questions

  1. hdarvick says:

    I agree with you completely about Nelson Figueroa. Did you see what he did yesterday (Saturday) in his first start for the Buffalo Bisons (AAA)? 7 shutout innings, 2 hits, 2 walks, 4 strikeouts. All 4 baserunners were erased by double plays, so Figueroa faced the minimum of 3 batters per inning for 7 innings. By the way, he threw 75 pitches in his 7 innings. He was relieved in the eighth inning; the first Pawtucket Red Sox batter hit a HR and the Bisons lost 1-0.

  2. Kerel Cooper says:

    hdarvick – thanks for the comments. I did not hear about Figueroa’s performance. Thats good to hear. I think at some point this year he will get a shot to help the big team and I hope he can deliver.

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