Fantasy Baseball Part II: Recap of My Draft

Posted on by Kerel Cooper

For those of you who have asked that I keep you posted on how I do in my fantasy baseball draft, here is a quick video summarizing my second fantasy baseball team.

If your having trouble viewing this video, try the Quicktime version

A couple things to note about this league:
-Keeper League
-My Keepers: Alex Rodriguez, Jose Reyes, Jake Peavy, Cole Hamels and a minor league keeper, Fernando Martinez
-Head To Head Match-ups
-Due to trades I did not have a 1st or 11th round pick but I had two 6th round picks.

Draft Picks by Round:
1. No Pick
2. Derrek Lee – 1b
3. Ryan Ludwick – OF
4. Brian Fuentes – RP
5. Chipper Jones – 3b
6. Mike Pelfrey – SP and Nate Mclouth – OF
7. Chad Qualis – RP
8. Jon Garland – SP
9. Andre Either – OF
10. Kelly Johnson – 2b
11. No Pick
12. Matt Lindstrom – RP
13. Kelly Shoppach – C
14. Brad Penny – SP
15. Milton Bradley – OH
16. Heath Bell – RP
17. Jose Guillen – OF
18. Casey Blake – 3b
19. Scott Olsen – SP
20. Cameron Mayben – OF
21. Zach Duke – SP

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