Analyzing the Mets Bench

Posted on by Kerel Cooper

Some thoughts on how the Mets bench is shaping up:

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6 Responses to Analyzing the Mets Bench

  1. Kerel Cooper says:

    DJ Butler – thanks for the comments and welcome!

    Your right, I don't know much about Reed but it's seems like he's having a decent spring. Possibly could be an option. After all, at this point last year we didn't know much abut Daniel Murphy either, now he's the starting LF :)

    It Reed makes the bench, I'm interested in hearing from you how the rest of the bench shapes out, in your opinion.

  2. RPtheOG says:

    I agree that Tatis can provide some spark off the bench. He has the flexibility to play a few different position. Last year he was great, but can he repeat that performance. I love the idea of playing our young talent, so Tatis will be on the bench – but should get lots of burn filling in.

    I’d prefer keeping Anderson on the roster for now, so that Evan can get some more playing time in the minors, but if Anderson doesn’t help this team out – maybe we can pull Evan up if needed.

    On another note, I didn’t know you had a younger brother.

  3. DJ Butler says:

    I couldn’t help but notice you didn’t seem to think that Jeremy Reed was in the mix. He can play all three outfield positions and is probably the only player in camp who can reliably spell Beltran in CF. His fielding is solid, not as good as Endy, but definitely not an impairment. Reed is at his best offensively and defensively when he gets consistent playing time (see 2005 and his minor league stats), which is the only reason why the bench might not be the best option. Evans is having a good spring, but not as good as Reed. However, the sports talk radio, blog crowd, and SNY don’t talk about Reed. He is very understated, not flashy, and easy to overlook. But, Manuel won’t overlook him. Reed makes the bench.

  4. Kerel Cooper says:

    RPtheOG – thanks for the comments. I’m not sold on Marlon Anderson. I’m very concerned that his best days as a pinch hitter are behind him.

  5. DJ Butler says:

    Thanks for the welcome. I post on MetsMemerizedOnline led me to your video blog a few weeks ago. I’m enjoying your posts. You’re clear, concise, and make good arguments. I’m looking forward to hearing your thoughts as the season progresses.

    I definitely agree with you on Castro, Tatis, Cora.

    I think Anderson has that veteran advantage and looks healthy. I’m not sold on him, but he is producing this spring and has infield/outfield roster flexibility.

    Evans can be optioned to the minors and is already on the 40-man roster. So, Evans might make the opening day roster along with Reed because we don’t need a fifth starter in the first week. However, I suspect he gets optioned to the minors when we need fifth starter.

    If Schneider goes on the DL, Evan starts in the minors and Cancel gets that fifth spot on the bench. But, I think Reed makes the team.

    If Omar is smart, he trades Kielty and/or Sullivan for something, because I think they deserve a major league bench role, but there is no room for them on this team unless they are willing to play in AAA.

    Re: Not knowing about Danny Murphy. Agreed! And, that works in Reed’s favorite. He was a top prospect in the Mariners farm system and maybe this change of scenery is what he needs to translate his minor league numbers into success. My only concern is that Reed is clearly at his best with consistent playing time and he won’t be getting that here.

  6. Kerel Cooper says:

    Cool. I like MetsMemerizedOnline.

    I just heard about Schneider’s injury. Hopefully he will be ok. Not really liking Castro/Cancel for a long period.

    Regarding Reed getting consistent playing time. I think that’s a fare statement to make about most bench players. They still need to get action to be effective. It will be interesting to see how Manuel handles that this year. Especially with Tatis. He can spell so many different guys (Murphy, Church, Deldago, Wright).

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