New York Mets: Top 5 Fantasy Picks

Posted on by Kerel Cooper

With the start of the baseball season right around the corner, it’s fantasy baseball draft time. With that said, I thought I’d have a little fun and list my New York Mets Top 5 Fantasy Picks, just incase your thinking of drafting a hometown player.

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1. Jose Reyes:
2008 Stats:  
Avg: .297 | Runs: 113 | HR: 16 | RBI: 68 | SB: 56
2009 Outlook:
Reyes is projected as a 1st round, top 5 pick. Most feel he’s the 2nd best fantasy shortstop (behind Hanley Ramirez). Reyes is the type of player that can fill up all the stat columns. If he’s on his game, Reyes has the potential to lead the majors in Runs, Stolen Bases and Hits. That’s potential value that cannot be overlooked.

2. David Wright
2008 Stats:
Avg: .302 | Runs: 115 | HR: 33 | RBI: 124 | SB: 15
2009 Outlook:
I originally had Wright 4th on this list but due to the recent injury to AROD, I think David Wright is the #1 3rd baseman on the board. In most drafts I think Wright will be selected mid-1st round. Wright can also fill up all the offensive stat categories. Wright stole 34 bases in 2007 and I think it will be a pleasant surprise to fantasy owners if he can get back to that number in 2009.
3. Johan Santana
2008 Stats:
Wins: 16 | Ks: 206 | ERA: 2.53 | WHIP: 1.15
2009 Outlook:
Johan Santana is regarded as the best pitcher in baseball and could very well be the 1st pitcher taken in most drafts. Santana should be a mid-1st round pick. I think Santana can win 20 games this year. He would have easily won about 22 games last year, if not for the Mets terrible bullpen. With the additions of K-Rod and Putz to pitch late in games, look for Santana to have a typical strong season. And no, I’m not concerned about his elbow :)

4. Carlos Beltran
2008 Stats:
Avg: .284 | Runs: 116 | HR: 27 | RBI: 112 | SB: 25
2009 Outlook:
Beltran has always been a player that has fustrated me. I think he’s arguably the best Center Fielder in baseball, but when it’s comes to fantasy baseball, he probably ranks somewhere around 10th amongst Out Fielders. Look for Beltran to be a late 2nd round/early 3rd round pick. As he showed in 2006 Beltran has the potential to hit 40+ Homeruns and score 120+ runs. If he can do that in 2009, getting him in the late 2nd round/early 3rd round will be a steal.

5. Francisco “K-Rod” Rodriguez
2008 Stats:
Wins: 2 | Ks: 77 | ERA: 2.24 | WHIP: 1.29 | Sv: 62
2009 Outlook:
K-Rod is coming off a career year with 62 saves. I highly doubt he will get 62 saves again but he will get plenty of opportunities to close out games. I think K-Rod is a top 5 closer and depending on the type of owners you have in your league, I think KROD will go somewhere in the 5th or 6th round. Again, it all depends on your owners and when the “rush” on closers begins..
I’m interested in your thoughts. Do you agree or disagree with this list? Also, what Met is not on this list that could have an impact in fantasy baseball this year?

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