Mets Spring Training – Pedro, Pudge and WBC

Posted on by Kerel Cooper

There were a number of stories coming out of Mets camp this week (besides Johan Santana’s elbow). Pedro Martinez is trying to prove he can still pitch, the Mets shows signs of being interested in Pudge Rodriguez and half the team leaving for the WBC. Here are my thoughts on this weeks happenings.

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2 Responses to Mets Spring Training – Pedro, Pudge and WBC

  1. Ron Presta says:

    If Pedro Martinez does not want to play for “Tom Glavine,” then he has no place in this roster. He has not proven he can stay healthy and to expect a guaranteed contract is laughable at best. If he’d like to come back to NY, then sign on up for an incentive laden deal.

    Pudge – I am on board, he is a career .300 hitter. He can come is and play along with Schnieder and add provide a bit more offense for the Mets. I do have two concerns with this move. The 1st is Pudge has a history or not working well with younger pitchers and is prone to call the fastball (to aid in throwing out potential base stealers), with this young unproven staff this is a concern . Secondle Pudge like Martinzez should only be signed to an incentive laden deal. No big money, if you productive then you can play.

  2. Kerel Cooper says:

    It will be interesting to see what type of money Pedro gets. With his performance in the WBC he proved he can still pitch. I don’t think the Mets should give him big money, but I have a feeling someone else might.

    Pudge has also played well in the WBC and I think the problem right now is the Mets “feel” they have three serviceable catchers (Schnieder, Castro, Cancel). Now I don’t feel that way but I bet thats what the Mets think..

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