David Wright Needs To Show Up In The Big Games

Posted on by Kerel Cooper

My thoughts on David Wright’s ability to come through in key situations:

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4 Responses to David Wright Needs To Show Up In The Big Games

  1. dave_doyle says:

    I understand that stats don’t lie. So your argument is supported by the numbers. But as a fan, I don’t have a problem seeing Wright come up in a clutch situation. In the ninth inning, down by one run and a runner in scoring position, I was thinking about which Met that I’d like to see most hitting in that situation. I think that I’d feel most comfortable with Beltran but Wright would be a close second. That’s just on gut feeling not looking at the stats for any player on the roster.

    Although it seems like Wright has been here for a long time, it’s important to remember that he just turned 26 years old in December. He’s got a good 10-15 years left in his career to beef up his numbers in clutch situations.

    Also, his 2008 stats with runners on base in 314 at-bats he hit .290/ .374/ .532. Pretty good numbers. I realize that you’d like to see those numbers higher than his total yearly numbers, which they aren’t. But those aren’t bad at all. He did move runners around the bases when they were on.

  2. Kerel Cooper says:

    Thanks for the comments Dave. I’d probably feel most comfortable with Beltran and Wright second as well.

    I agree it’s important to remember the age of Wright (Reyes as well) and I think eventually Wright will be a great clutch player but he’s not there yet. And if he wants to lead this team and be the face of the franchise, he’s going to have to get over this hump, and I hope it’s this year.

    Also, while the stats are good to look at I think what’s just as important is the timing of Wright coming through in the clutch. For example, I’d rather him come through in September during a critical series with the Phillies or Braves then in May against the Padres.

  3. Ron Presta says:

    I can’t believe that you agree with anything Francesa would say about any player in a Mets uniform. As part of that same broadcast as he discussed “Wright – as not being a clutch hitter.” He compares him to AROD. He asks the NY Sports fan – why aren’t they as hard on Wright as they are on AROD. What has Wright ever done, when has Wright been clutch etc… he goes on to say and continues to say why does David Wright get a pass? He shoots down EVERY caller on this topic, but here is the reality. How do you compare AROD, the highest paid player in the game and the highest paid player in the game. So, when Francesa asks “why does ARod get labelled and ridden.” The answer is SIMPLE, when you are the higest paid player in the game and one of the highest paid players in all sports – you will always draw additional attention. When you are labelled the BEST player in the game you deserve that attention and scrutiny.

    Now, David Wright is a very good player. But two things I have never heard said about him are 1.) Best Player in the game and 2.) Highest paid player in the game. he will NEVER hold either of these titles. He will never be the guy to break the Home Run record, that guy is AROD. So, that is why comparing AROD to Wright is a joke and laughable at best. It was just a typical Francesa did at the NY Mets and their fans.

    Don’t even get me started on his rants on trading Wright/Reyes …. with that all said, on every drive home at night I do listen to the man. He is arrogant, pompous and not the kind of man I’d ever break break with, but I do listen cause he is knowledgeable – biased toward his Yankees, but he knows his sports.

  4. Kerel Cooper says:

    I think Francesa’s point was, if we can ride AROD for not being clutch and he is arguably the best player in the game then Wright is not immune from the same thing. And I agree. It’s not a comparision of talent. I think anyone would be foolish to compare Wright to AROD talent wise. No contest. AROD is light years better.

    I understand Wright is still young but it’s time for him to carry some weight here. Reyes too. No excuses this year. Get the job done and no late season melt downs.

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