Reyes Must Be The Catalyst

Posted on by Kerel Cooper

Reyes0218 from Video Courtesy of Bart Hubbuch on Vimeo

One of the first statements Reyes makes in the video is “I’m here to do what ever they want me to do”. Well I doubt Reyes is listening to me but here is what I want to see in 2009:

.310 BA, 200+ Hits, 40 Doubles, 15-20 HRs, 120 Runs and 80 SBs. If Reyes can put up these stats (this would be a career year), the Mets will stand a great chance of making the playoffs. I don’t think these stats are too much to ask for. If you look at Reyes last 3 seasons he’s pretty close to these numbers already. The biggest increase would be in his average.

His career high is .300 in 2006 (I don’t count 2003, he only had 274 AB). I’d also love to see that OBP creep up a bit more. I have already stated that I don’t agree with Reyes batting third. With the obvious holes the Mets have in their offense this year, it will be much more important in 2009 that Reyes be the catalyst for the Mets offense.

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