One Last Tribute to Shea Stadium

Posted on by Kerel Cooper

I came across this great video on the History of Shea Stadium by Journal News Mets beat writer John Delcos. It’s amazing how many events and memories Shea has had over the years.

Original Source on YouTube can be found here.

On another note, the Mets will launch their online registration for purchasing tickets for Opening Day at Citi Field on Tuesday at 10 a.m. ET on and Click here for more info.

I normally avoid opening day as it’s normally too cold and too crowded but I think I’m going to try and go this year. I went to the last game at Shea, so I guess it’s only right I go to the opening of CitiField :) Anyone else going?

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2 Responses to One Last Tribute to Shea Stadium

  1. dave_doyle says:

    I’m in the lottery for opening day too. The last time I went to opening day it took me five hours to get through traffic. I hope the parking situation is good by then with Shea completely torn down now.

  2. Kerel Cooper says:

    Thanks for the comments Dave. I would hope the parking situation is better now that Shea is gone. If we both go to opening day, we should do a video from the parking lot :)

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