Mets Sign Livan Hernandez and talk of batting Reyes Third??

Posted on by Kerel Cooper

My Thoughts on the Livan Hernandez signing and possible changes within the batting order.

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2 Responses to Mets Sign Livan Hernandez and talk of batting Reyes Third??

  1. I actually love the Livan Hernandez move. He is a innings eater …. even if his ERA is iaround a 6.0. I think that he can potentially can be a great No.5 and give the bullpen a bit of rest. He is signed to a minor league deal, so its low risk …. This also ensures that Pedro will not return the the Mets.

    Now, Jose Reyes at the 3 spot. Is Jerry CRAZY? He is a great lead off batter. Once on base scares the heck out of opposing pitchers and batting him 3rd will ultimately reduce the number of SB opportunities. Doing this for Luis (wavier wire) Castillo is unthinkable. If the Mets signed a electric lead-off batter ,,, then maybe, but for Luis Castillo…. NO WAY.

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