Analyzing The Mets Bullpen

Posted on by Kerel Cooper

The Mets Bullpen blew 27 saves last season and was a big part of the team collapsing for the second season in a row. In this video post, I look at the off season moves as it pertains to the bullpen and outlook for 2009.

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4 Responses to Analyzing The Mets Bullpen

  1. First, I’d like to say you did another great job on this latest post. Secondly, I also agree that the addition of JJ Putz should allow this team to close out games in a dominant manner. In closing, what are your thoughts on Billy Wagner? Will he ever wear a Met uniform again and can he contribute in 2009. He is another left handed arm….. and coming off injury. Thoughts?

  2. Kerel Cooper says:

    Thanks for the comments Ron. From what I have heard it’s possible Wagner might have a shot of coming back in August/September. If that happens and he is able to give the Mets anything down the stretch, he would be a great last season roster addition. The Mets have a long way to go before they can even think about that though.

  3. dave_doyle says:

    I agree with your closing statement. I’ll be shocked if the Mets miss the post season again and we blame it on the bullpen…again. The lack of a second lefty is a slight concern but we could start the season without that component and get by for a while.

  4. Kerel Cooper says:

    dave_doyle – thanks for the comments. The more I think about it, if the Mets miss the playoffs I think it will be because of the offense. I have a lot of concerns about the offense. Analyzing The Mets Offense will be coming in a couple days :)

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