AROD Test Positive for Roids in 2003.

Posted on by Kerel Cooper reported today that Alex Rodriguez failed a 2003 Steroid test. The radio stations in the NYC area have been buzzing with fans calling in slamming and defending AROD. In my video post below I ask and answer three questions that are sure to come up over the weeks to come. What are your thoughts on the latest AROD controversy?

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2 Responses to AROD Test Positive for Roids in 2003.

  1. Jim Barclay says:

    Hey Kerel –

    I have a hard time with this for a couple different reasons. Was I surprised by the news….NO. What’s sad is the Steroid era will make every “good/great” player be questioned and people will argue forever if their play was because of the juice or they were really just that good. It’s sad that as a “professional athlete”, we are still left to wonder how much God given talent is left out there.
    Is Arod a Hall of Famer?? I agree with you on the likes of Rocket, Big Mac, Bonds and even Arod by the time he is done will be viewed as one of the greatest to play the game. This is a sour note however. And if he does go in the Hall of Fame…what kind of message does that send about immortalizing a player that cheated!! If he does make it to the Hall and is voted in, I’m pissed off if I’m Pete Rose!!! In my opinion, Pete Rose should be in the HOF. What he did was wrong and against the code of ethics of the very foundation of baseball. But did it alter his performance on the diamond like taking steroids? To me that would be a HUGE slap in the face. It will just be interesting when that time comes to see how it is handled.
    What is really hard to swallow is how the Union “protected” a star player. Maybe this is what the NBA did with Jordan when he up and decided to play baseball that year and there was speculation that there was gambling problems…I don’t know.

    It’s just a sad situation all around, but he’s not the only and wont be the last.

    my .02

  2. Kerel Cooper says:

    Hey Jim – thanks for the comments. I agree with you on Pete Rose. He should be in the HOF. The interesting thing about AROD as opposed to the other greats who has been accused of using Steroids is that all those other guys were at the end of their career and eligible for the HOF in a relatively short amount of time. AROD still has at least 14 years to go (9 under contract with the Yankees and the 5 yr period of waiting after he retires) to change his image. So from this point on, if AROD is clean and continues to put up the numbers, it will be interesting to see how he will be viewed.

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