Jeff Kent Retires, Next Stop, Cooperstown

Posted on by Kerel Cooper

It was reported today that Jeff Kent will be retiring after 17 seasons. The question everyone will be asking is if Jeff Kent is a Hall of Famer. Here are my thoughts.


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2 Responses to Jeff Kent Retires, Next Stop, Cooperstown

  1. jgbarclay says:

    Kent’s numbers are there…no doubt. But what is it about him that makes him lack that All American feel of Sandberg, Ozzie and Ripken? Was it because he was quiet, a jerk in the club house? Does this hurt his chances for hall immortality?
    Cant argue with the man’s numbers…but it just seems like something is missing.

  2. Kerel Cooper says:

    jgbarclay – Thanks for the comment. I def think his stand-offish attitude does not make him a “favorite” among his peers and media. That has always been the knock on him but your right, you can’t argue with his numbers. In the end I have a feeling his attitude won’t hurt his chances of getting in the HOF.

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