Willie Mays – Greatest BaseBall Player Ever

Posted on by Kerel Cooper

Who is the Greatest Baseball Player of All Time? Ty Cobb? Babe Ruth? AROD? Ted Williams? In my video blog post below, I make the case for Willie Mays:


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5 Responses to Willie Mays – Greatest BaseBall Player Ever

  1. dave_doyle says:

    Although I can’t stand the Yankees, I have to say that my choice for greatest player of all time is the Babe. He was crushing home runs at a steroid-era rate when nobody else was doing it and his pitching success puts him over the top in my book. Of course, speed wasn’t part of his game so he doesn’t compare to Willie there. Willie definitely had the most well rounded game including his defense. But Babe’s offensive numbers were so unusual for the era that he played in. He really transformed the entire game toward power players.

  2. Kerel Cooper says:

    Thanks for the comments Dave. I would probably list Babe Ruth #2 or #3 all time. While his numbers are off the chart and he showed great versatility hitting and pitching, he did play in an era when baseball was segregated. So Babe did not necessarily play against “all” the best baseball players of his time. I take nothing from the Babe’s accomplishment and what he did for the game of baseball but I have always found it difficult to say he is the best baseball player ever considering the time in our countries history that he played in.

  3. dave_doyle says:

    Good point… There’s really no way to tell if Babe was truly the best of his time.

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  5. Shallow Throat says:

    Willie may indeed be the best all around,but if he's not then the nod goes to Clemente. SABR is gonna tell you about Ruth … but a 2-3 tool player can only be the best ever if the game is flawed or biased to offense only! Computers will say that if there WAS NO outfield fence/wall then Clemente would emerge atop any list 'cause his defense being approx. 20% above any others and his leading ability to hit line drives TO ALL FIELDS would make him unapproachable. The outfield wall, which didn't exist when the rules were made, let the only 5 tool guys Ma;ys/Clemente handecapped. Ruth would have been an also ran under a pure game with NO outfield fence!

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